You’re More Beautiful Than You Think


I really enjoyed viewing this little video that is part of the dove campaign. I think everyone can relate. More videos on the “Real Beauty” campaign soon to come.


Body Image- Brown University Health Education


Body Image

What is it that so many people, women in particular, are unhappy with their figures? Joan Brumberg, author of The Body Project, states that the pressure to achieve a certain unattainable look has dramatically increased due to media, peers, and family too. Though it is ideal to obtain a healthy body weight, it is also important to recognize when exactly, attempting to remain healthy may become unhealthy. Jean Kilbourne, creator of the award-winning documentary Killing Us Softly, notes,“…these images certainly contribute to the body-hatred…and to some of the resulting eating problems, which range from bulimia to compulsive overeating, to simply being obsessed with controlling one’s appetite. Advertising does promote abusive and abnormal attitudes about eating, drinking, and thinness. It thus provides fertile soil for these obsessions to take root in and creates a climate of denial in which these diseases flourish.” Contrarily to the common obstacles along with body image and self esteem, the article also addresses ways to cope with these common issues.

Talk back to the media, de-emphasize numbers, stay off of  the scale, realize that you cannot change your body type, stop comparing yourself to others, limit the “body checking” that you do throughout the day, move and enjoy your body, spend time with people who have a healthy relationship with food, activity, and their bodies, practice thought -stopping when it comes to negative statements about yourself, nurture your inner self, question the degree to which your self -esteem depends on your appearance, broaden your perspective about health and beauty, and lastly recognize that size prejudice is a form of discrimination.—

In addition to these positive approaches to self image, this article withholds countless points including how to deal with issues pertaining to confidence and self esteem.

Introspective Tracks


10 Trojans- Atlas Genius

9 Lose Yourself- Eminem

8 Over and Over- Smallpools

7 Power- Kanye West

6 Girls/Girls/Boys- Panic!At The Disco

5 Harlem- New Politics

4 Tightrope- Walk the Moon

3 Flaws-Bastille

2 On Our Way- The Royal Concept

1 Wings- Birdy