Preconceived Notions


Concluding my project for english, I would like to address the main purpose for this portion of my blog. Self image has globally transformed our behaviors, emotions, and attitudes as young girls. We are constantly worrying about how others percieve you. I believe that every girl has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin, and what ever that may entitle, is qualified. I hope that soon there will come a time where people will stop stressing and start living their lives filled with happiness. With this in mind, remember it will all work out in the end.


Television, Disordered Eating and Young Women in Fiji


The country a Fiji is a unique situation for the investigation of the impact considering media on adolescents, especially women. This study reveals that negative attributes relating to the media is contrarily perceived as positive to  natives of Fiji. In specifics, after being exposed to media, researchers found the profound idea of reshaping the body to appear thinner due to the association of thin bodies and economic opportunity as well as success. Before being exposed, the Fijians had originally valued family, community and relationships more so than the body.  Now, Fiji has evolved into a Western like culture solely striving to achieve success. It is really disheartening to see  this indigenous country slowly shift  into becoming just like us.

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Pre-Pre Draft on Self Image


I have come across various ideas for the paper. Obviously I want to incorporate self image and confidence relating to women, but I also searched for different reasons for how the lacking of self image has impeded romantic and close relationships with others.

In both the books I read, the main characters struggled connecting with their significant other due to the lacking base of self esteem. It’s also important to realize all the environmental attributes that have affected society into thinking they need to look and be a certain way that is “acceptable”. I have found that sometimes acceptable to some may not be healthy to all and it can really take a toll on one’s life pertaining to eating disorders and lowered self esteem. I think my alternate sources can deeply relate to everyone. The dove campaign, for example explains how little women appreciate themselves, by asking women what they like best about their body. In the videos they are all left speechless. Yet, they can point out unique qualities of their friends. It’s an interesting concept that they don’t see themselves in a positive light and left unable to speak remotely nice about themselves. It has become to a point where women can’t name one great quality about their self. What does this mean about society? How can we change this? I’m intrigued to discover the underlying causes concerning this topic.

3 main topics
How lacking of self image impedes on relationships?

How has social media changed the idea of beauty?

How to address? Dove campaign and brown article